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Kenya Endebess Natural

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Nestled in the northern reaches of Kenya's Rift Valley, close to the bustling market town of Kitale in Trans-Nzoia County, lies the verdant expanse of the Endebess Estate. Spanning approximately 758 hectares, this estate dedicates a significant portion, about a third, to the cultivation of coffee, with a focus on the esteemed varieties of SL28, SL34, Batian, and Ruiru 11.

The estate embraces traditional harvesting methods, relying on the skilled hands of local workers to handpick the coffee cherries during the optimal harvest season from October to December. Cherries are selected at their peak ripeness, identified by their deep red, almost purple coloration. Immediately following harvest, a meticulous sorting process is conducted to eliminate damaged or unripe cherries and any extraneous material, ensuring only the highest quality cherries proceed to the next stage.

In a practice that marries tradition with precision, the sorted cherries are laid out in a single layer on raised beds, where they undergo a slow drying process lasting between 21 and 35 days, depending on the climatic conditions. To ensure uniform drying and prevent mold growth, the cherries are regularly turned throughout the day and shielded from the harsh midday sun and nightly moisture, reflecting a careful balance between natural processes and artisanal oversight.

The estate's fertile grounds, rich in clay loam, are perched on the eastern slopes of Mount Elgon, an ancient, now dormant volcano straddling the Kenya-Uganda border. This unique terroir, combined with the seasonal rhythms of flowering between February and April and harvesting between October and January, contributes to the distinct flavor profile of the estate's coffee.

Tracing its roots back to the 1940s under the stewardship of the D’Ollier family, the estate has a storied history of coffee production and community involvement. Originally serving as both a processor and a mill for their own coffee and that of neighboring small-scale farmers, the estate underwent ownership changes, first in 1976 to Gatatha Farmers Co Ltd and then to its current proprietors in September 2011. Under this new leadership, there's a renewed focus on employee welfare and community development, including sponsorship of high school students and home renovations, with aspirations to further expand these programs in the future.

The Endebess Estate stands as a beacon of quality coffee production, historical richness, and community engagement, offering a glimpse into the vibrant heart of Kenya's coffee culture.