Academy Coffee is a modern specialty coffee roastery based in Orange, NSW. We source our beans as directly from the producers as possible. We work with world-leading importers & exporters whose values align with our own, to ensure the finest quality, exciting flavours & fair & equitable trade for all.

Our commitment to this philosophy sees us regularly travel to countries of origin & participate in social programs that help change lives. Our recent trip to Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia allowed us to donate much-needed resources to a local school. This is something we are incredibly proud of.
Our size is one of our biggest strengths. Small batch roasting not only improves quality, it also allows us to keep that quality as consistent as possible. Chances are we see every single bean that goes in and out of our roaster. Sometimes micromanagement is a good thing…

We respect tradition & offer products that celebrate those who came before us, while pushing the envelope of modern roast techniques. Our blends include light, medium & dark roasts to reflect this broad love of coffee, styles & history.
Years of experience in hospitality means we have the empathy required to know exactly what our client's pressures are & how to serve them best. Customer service is also at the forefront of our retail philosophy. 
Our business is an active member of the local community, helping to support local not for profit organisations whenever we can.
Ultimately, Academy is, no matter who you are - at your service.