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Free postage on orders when you spend $25 and over.
The XLVI Steamhammer : A Revolution in Coffee Brewing

The XLVI Steamhammer : A Revolution in Coffee Brewing

The XLVI Steamhammer : A Revolution in Coffee Brewing

During our recent trip to the Probat factory, we discovered a groundbreaking coffee machine making waves in cafes and high-end espresso bars - the XLVI Steamhammer . After our return to Australia, we took it upon ourselves to introduce this marvel to our shores.


Why the XLVI Steamhammer Stands Out

Precision Brewing: Achieve the perfect brew every time with tailored settings and pre-set water controls.

Customized Control: Depending on your preference, choose between the 4-button or 6-button keypads. This ensures intuitive use for every barista, from novice to seasoned professionals.

P.I.D. Heating System: This advanced Proportional-Integral-Derivative control guarantees the optimal temperatures for brewing, ensuring consistency.

LCD Display: Providing real-time feedback and easy navigation.

Sustainable Operations: The automatic on/off feature promotes energy efficiency, translating to significant savings in the long run.

Count Control: This feature lets you effortlessly track your usage and performance metrics.

Automatic Wash: A boon for establishments, this simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring a hygienic brew every time.

Maintenance Alarms: Get timely alerts to ensure your machine always operates at its peak.

Underlevel Wand & Ergonomic Hammer: These features provide ease of use, with the wand being perfect for modular use and the hammer ensuring progressive steam release.

Smooth Flow & Steam Box: Craft an impeccably smooth and velvety espresso, and adjust steam flow and pressure for a perfect "crema".

"Easy Use" Keypad: Designed to provide an intuitive and comfortable experience.

Mug Bowl: The reversible rack is perfect to accommodate various cup sizes, ensuring you're ready for any order.

With its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features, the XLVI Steamhammer Elettronica is poised to redefine coffee brewing. Be among the first to elevate your coffee game. Contact us at Academy Coffee for more details.

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