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Omar Saul


Omar Saul 




Pink Bourbon 100%


1500 - 1600 above sea level



Annual rainfall:



Buttery mouthfeel with tropical aroma. Notes of Strawberry, rose hip, sweet chocolate and blueberries

Grown by Omar Saul, This coffee is depulped 5 hours after being harvested, exposed to a dry fermentation of 10 hours and sun-dried slowly on parabolic drying beds
This microlot is 100% pink bourbon.
Omar Saul Tapiero has been a Colombian coffee producer for the last 15 years. 7 years ago Omar Saul was in a difficult situation, due to market pressure he had to sell 60% of his yearly crop below the cost of production. To meet his financial commitments he faced the reality of having to sell one of his two farms. Omar Saul realised that specialty coffee was a growing area of the market and with the lure of substantially higher premiums he decided to plant 5000 Caturra trees and shortly after 7000 Pink Bourbon trees. In 2018 his first speciality micro lot was sold into the coffee market.
With the assistance of Cofinet Omar processed his first natural pink bourbon independently at his farm, the results of which are very happy to share with you today.


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