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Gakundu AA - Gakundu Farmer Cooperative Society




SL 28, Ruiru-11, Batian 


1650m above sea level



Washing station:

Gakundu Coffee Factory


Vibrant and intensely sweet, with notes of Ribena, raspberry, rose, and honeydew melon. Very complex, with a nice depth of flavour.


Gakundu is a washing station — or factory, as they are called in Kenya — and cooperative society. It is located in the county of Embu, at the base of Mount Kenya, just east of Nyeri.

The Gakundu washing station sits at an altitude of about 1,650m above sea level. Around 1,262 members of the Gakundu Farmers Cooperative Society deliver coffee cherry to the station. They own small plots of land at an average altitude of 1,650m above sea level. The main varieties of coffee grown are SL-28, Ruiru, and Batian, which grow under the shade of macadamia and grevillea trees in the rich volcanic soil.

The area experiences an annual rainfall of 1,100mm, and has a biannual production cycle. The fly (mitica) harvest is from April–July and the late second season harvest occurs in September–mid-January. This lot comes from the main harvest later in the year.

Gakundu receives assistance from the Coffee Management Services (CMS) group, who are on the ground directly helping producers improve their productivity and quality through training and education programs. Their objective is to ensure sustained industry growth by establishing a transparent and trust-based relationship with their small-holder producers. By helping them improve their quality, CMS in turn improves the premiums the producers can be paid, and ultimately has a positive impact on their quality of life.

As part of their program, CMS provides pre-financing to producers for school fees and farm inputs. The factory manager is provided with training every year, and there are also some members of the cooperative who are ‘promoter farmers’ and provide Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS) to the smallholders. This extension service has a positive impact on coffee quality from Gakundu, as farmers emerge from trainings with a better understanding of the impact that fertilisation, pruning, and quality driven harvest techniques have on the prices their coffee receives at auction and with direct buyers.

Accordingly, processing at Gakundu washing station adheres to stringent quality-driven methods under the supervision of Godfrey Gicovi, the Gakundu Factory manager.

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