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Free postage on orders when you spend $25 and over.

Ethiopian, Worka Sakaro, Anaerobic Natural

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Size: 250gm
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Raspberry, strawberry, Red Currants

Worka Sakaro lies nestled in the Gedeb district, near Yirgacheffe. Elevated high, this region stretches between altitudes of 2,000 to 2,200 meters above sea level. Here, around 300 small farmers annually contribute their cherry harvests to the nearby mill.

The unique anaerobic method, occasionally dubbed the "wine process," kicks off with the careful selection of the ripest cherries, guided by a brix meter that gauges the mucilage content. These cherries then undergo soaking to filter out potential floaters. Denser coffee cherries, having sunk to the bottom, are separated and promptly spread on raised beds to shake off extra moisture. To initiate fermentation, these cherries are snugly placed in specialized plastic bags.

16 hours in, fermentation begins. Gases are expelled from the bags, paving the way for anaerobic processing. The fermentation duration varies based on external conditions, potentially spanning between 3-7 days. Once the desired Ph level and hue are achieved, the coffee cherries are moved back to raised beds for the concluding drying phase.

In roasting this particular lot, we adopt a subtle touch, ensuring the remarkable intricacy and sweetness inherent to the beans remains intact.