Ethiopia Mitiku Shanto - Espresso

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Mitiku Shanto


Sidamo Guji - Mitiku shanto 




Bourbon, typica, heirloom


1950-2250 above sea level


Fully Washed

Washing station:

Uraga washing station


Candy like sweetness, with pretty florals and a juicy mouthfeel.  Notes of ripe white peach, rhubarb tart and berry jam.


Mitiku Shanto originates from the Uraga ‘woreda’ (administrative district) in the Guji zone in Ethiopia’s Southern Oromia State.
The coffee is processed at the privately owned Uraga washing station which sits at 1,955m above sea level. Coffee is delivered daily by around 650 small producers. The majority of these families farm organically on tiny plots of land (averaging 2 hectares in size), located 1,950–2,250 metres above sea level.




The Guji zone was established as a unique production area in 2002. It is located in the Southern portion of Sidamo, and is named after the Oromo people; a tribe with a long, proud history in coffee production.
Coffees from Guji were previously classified as ‘Sidamo’ (a very wide geographical classification encompassing much of central-south Ethopia), however more recently they have been separated from this classification and recognised for their unique and distinctive cup profiles. This distinctiveness is driven by the unique combination of elements in this production area, including high altitudes, rich, fertile soil, and exceptional heirloom varieties.
Guji is bordered on the south and west by Borena, on the north by Gedeo and Sidama, and on the east by Bale and the Somali Region. Coffees that are classified as ‘Gujis’, originate from the ‘woreda’ (administrative regions) of Adoola Redi, Kercha, Bule Hora, Shakisso and Uraga (where this lot is from).
Most communities in the region still live rurally and make a living from farming. Coffee remains the main cash crop for most families in the Guji region, who grow coffee alongside food for consumption, and other cash crops such as the Ethiopian banana.


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