El Salvador - Supersonic Natural

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El Salvador - Supersonic Natural 



Mauricio Salaverria


el salvador




1,500m above sea level


natural supersonic

Roast Profile


This coffee has dark chocolate throughout the whole cup with stonefruit and plum

Sourcing background information:

All coffee is picked on the same day and is placed on African beds creating a thick layer approximately 30cm deep .

For the first three days the coffee is turned every 24 hours to reduce fermentation. After this period the coffee is spread thin to increase clarity. Once moisture has reached 16% the coffee is moved to a cool, dark storage area for seven days for the sugars to stabilise. Finally the coffee is moved to African beds for another seven days or until beans have a moisture content of 12%.

In total, it is a complex, four week process, but the result is well worth it.


 Cupping score of 87pts. 

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