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Free postage on orders when you spend $25 and over.

Colombia Las Flores *RARE*

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Size: 150gm
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Chilli rose, Raspberry, Honey

Your wait has come to an exhilarating end!

We're ecstatic to present two elite-tier Colombian coffees that encapsulate the essence of what we cherish in Colombian brews. First up is a washed Tabi coffee, a product of the dedicated Vergara family from the Las Flores farm in the Huila region. Positioned at a lofty 1730 MASL, this coffee was tenderly harvested between last October and January. Next, we have the captivating washed process Pink Bourbon coffee.

As we introduce this Tabi coffee, let's delve into its intriguing varietal:

In the native Colombian Guambiano tongue, "Tabi" translates to "Good." It's a distinctive fusion of Bourbon, Typica, and Timor HdT 1343. The resilient Tabi strain was innovated by Cenicafe to stand robust against the leaf rust menace, colloquially known as roya. Unlike the traditional harvest methods for most coffee types—where farmers meticulously select the cherries that exhibit that perfect shade of ripeness—Tabi cherries are harvested in their semi-ripe phase. This technique mitigates the overpowering 'ferment-like' flavors resulting from excessive oxidation in Tabi beans.

Post-harvest, these cherries underwent a four-phase meticulous processing. Initially, they're floated for sorting, followed by a cleansing wash with hypochlorite and a 48-hour oxidation on tarps. Then, they're depulped and left in their mucilage for fermentation over 36 hours. The next intriguing phase is a 'thermal shock', submerging them underwater post the introduction of hot water (50°C) in the fermentation tanks for an additional 36 hours. The process rounds up with a drying stage spanning roughly 10 days, contingent on the weather.

We regard this batch from the Vergara family as a stellar representation of contemporary Colombian coffee. It reflects a blend of innovative processing techniques, such as the thermal shock, reminiscent of yeast-processed coffee. However, the cup offers more than just the flavor of the process.

Flavor-wise, expect to encounter hints of floral tones, raspberry, blackcurrant Lifesavers, and a zesty touch of lime.

So, ready your mugs! Your elite coffee experience awaits. We're passionate about roasting and serving such vivacious yet nuanced coffees, and we trust you'll relish them just as much. Cheers to your next aromatic journey!