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Free postage on orders when you spend $25 and over.

Colombia El Diviso

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Size: 150gm
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Peach, Dried Apricot, Cola

In the southern region of Huila lies Finca El Diviso, a testament to Jose Uribe Lasso's vision of elevating Colombian coffee to unparalleled heights. Through the years, the Lasso family has delved deep into innovative processing and fermentation techniques, harnessing a myriad of microorganisms. Their pursuit? Crafting distinct and globally recognized cup profiles.

Situated at an altitude of 1,750 masl in Pitalito, El Diviso is a nurturing ground for a range of coffee varietals: Pink and Yellow Bourbon, Sidra, Geisha, and Tabi. Among these, Sidra stands out. This unique Arabica variety, though less known, commands attention alongside renowned varieties like Geisha and Sudan Rume. The mystery of Sidra's origins adds to its allure. Its delightful cup profile, reminiscent of Ethiopian landrace varietals, belies the ongoing debate over its genetic lineage.

te coffee experience awaits. We're passionate about roasting and serving such vivacious yet nuanced coffees, and we trust you'll relish them just as much. Cheers to your next aromatic journey!